About Rupee.Z

Details about the Rupee.Z token.

Welcome to Rupee.Z

Founded in October of 2017, our cryptocurrency team comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. We all have a common goal – creating the marketplace to bring the crypto community together!


The Gem Marketplace, created by Rupee.Z will offer a variety of services, and goods that can be bought and paid for using many Cryptocurrencies, including the Rupee.Z token. Users can buy and sell physical goods, as well as digital goods and services in exchange for Cryptocurrencies. Some examples of categories that will be available to purchase or hire for on the marketplace are as follows:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Data Processing
  • Translation
  • Audio Transcription
  • Promotion
  • Logo Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Articles & Blog Posts
  • Explainer Videos
  • Animated Videos
  • Online Lessons
    Also Any physical goods/items can be posted and bought and sold. 

    In the future the Rupee.Z token will undergo some changes. There will be a token swap which will allow users to collect mining rewards for mining ethereum.



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The Founder

The Rupee.Z Team

Robaire Nakamoto

Robaire is the CEO/Founder of Rupee.Z. Responsible for the concept behind the project. Robaire has been an avid crypto-enthusiast for over 5 years.